Tommy James and The Shondells
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(An Audio-Movie) 1996 - AURA Records

"A NIGHT IN BIG CITY was an idea
that had been rolling around
in my head for a couple of years...
an experiment from beginning to end.
I guess you could say it
was a DVD without the 'DV'."



Talk about a concept album...Tommy pulled out all the stops on this one - a blend of music and theater reminiscent of an earlier time when the music business had a lot more imagination and fun. On this make believe trip through "Big City" (New York), Tommy and his group, along with the listener, are given the key to the city, a private limousine, and a voluptuous female driver who takes them on the ride of their life.

The album, produced by Tommy and long time friend and arranger Jimmy Wisner, contains 11 great new tracks including sparkling remakes of "I Think We're Alone Now" and "Tighter, Tighter" interspersed with dialogue and sound effects and a comic book style, story guide to help follow the action.

This is Tommy James at his creative best. From "Give It All", a hard, up-tempo alternative rocker, to the dreamy "Who Do You Love" to "Megamation Man", a chilling glimpse into the demonic New World Order.

One would have to go back to the CELLOPHANE SYMPHONY album or perhaps TRAVELIN' to find anything remotely as daring or progressive.

 Tommy James, Glenn Taylor, John Golden, Keith Mack

Keyboards and Synthesizers:
 Jimmy Wisner, Glenn Taylor, Benjy King

Strings: Jimmy Wisner
Bass: Greg Eckelman, David Santos, Glenn Taylor
Drums & Percussion: Mike Chambers, George Recile
Big City Horns: Artie Kaplan, Burt Collins
Additional Vocals: Meredith Struhl, John Golden, Benjy King
Voice Characterizations:
 Ed Berdej, Mike Carden, Billy Cataldo,
  Perry Cooper, Norma Garbo, Bernie Horowitz,
   Artie Kaplan, Ira Leslie, Hannah Taylor,
    Leah Castaldi, Lynda James, Tommy James,
     Tom Senif, Glenn Taylor, Jane Wisner
Produced by: Tommy James and Jimmy "Wiz" Wisner
Recorded and Mixed at:
 Taylor Made Studios - North Caldwell, NJ
Engineer: Glenn Taylor - Quad Studios, NYC
Engineer: Rick Slater - The Hit Factory, NYC
Engineer: Glen Marchese
Mastered by: Duncan Stanbury - Master Cutting Room, NYC