Tommy James and The Shondells
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1977 - Fantasy Records

MIDNIGHT RIDER was the second Tommy James album released by Fantasy Records. This time the setting and the sound was vintage, 70's LA and Tommy turned the entire production over to legendary songwriter/producer Jeff Barry. It was the first time their names appeared together since Tommy's first hit record "Hanky Panky" back in 1966 which Jeff co-wrote with long time partner Ellie Greenwich.

The songs on the album, written by Tommy and Jeff, were a textbook example of beautifully crafted "California soft-rock" and featured some of LA's best studio players and singers including Michael McDonald, who had just joined The Doobie Brothers, Timothy Schmitt of The Eagles, Al Stahaely from Spirit and the great Nino Tempo on Sax.

This collaboration between two of the record industry's most celebrated hit makers produced one of the smoothest and most satisfying musical treats of the seventies.

 Tommy James, Jerry Cole, Thom Rotella, Al Stahaely,
 Art Munson, Rick Littlefield

Keyboards: Brian Whitcomb
Bass: Bill Perry
Drums: Mike "Pooh Bear" Baird
Purcussion: Alan Estes
Sax: Nino Tempo
French Horn: Vincent DeRosa
Background Vocals:
 Michael McDonald, Timothy B. Schmitt, Marc Piscitelli, Jeff Barry,
 Nick Uhrig, Jerry Tawney
Produced by: Jeff Barry

Recorded at:
Larrabee Sound Studios, Los Angeles CA
One Step Up Studios, Los Angeles CA

Engineers: Marc Piscitelli, Allen Zentz