Tommy James and The Shondells
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1980 - Millennium

"As much as I loved
living and working in California,
I found I really missed the
energy and edge I got
from being in New York."



And so in 1979, at the age of thirty-two, Tommy moved back to the East coast and signed a new deal with Millennium Records. Millennium, the hot new label distributed by RCA and headed up by renowned record producer Jimmy Ienner, had become a hit factory in the late seventies with artists like Don McLean, Meeko, and Frankie and the Knockouts... it was no surprise when Tommy's first Millennium release, Three Times In Love, became an immediate smash hit going number one on the "Adult Contemporary" charts and top ten "Pop". The single was followed by the THREE TIMES IN LOVE album which contained two more chart hits "You Got Me" and "You're So Easy To Love."

The THREE TIMES IN LOVE LP, sounded in many ways like an updated version of Tommy's West coast work, revealing an artist who had matured greatly over the past few years. The special appearances by R & B artist Luther Vandross, sax wizard Michael Brecker, and famed guitarist John Tropea only added to the richness and texture of this landmark album.

 Tommy James, Ronnie Serota, Louie Conte, John Tropea
Keyboards: Larry Fast, Jim Roberge, Don Ciccone,
Aristotle Pyros

Bass: Ronnie Serota
Sax: Michael Brecker
Background Vocals:
 Luther Vandross, Ullanda McCullough,
Robin Clark Fonzi Thornton

Drums & Percussion: Al Christopher
Engineers: Craig Bishop, Charlie Conrad,
Julian Robertson, Cliff Hodson

"Halfway To Heaven"
featuring ORLEANS recorded at Bearsville Studio, Woodstock, NY

"You're So Easy To Love" recorded at
Tony Camillo's Studio, Sommerset, NJ