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Dear Friends of TJ!
What a helluva ride it has been as we look back on 50 years since "Crimson And Clover" hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 on February 1, 1969!
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"Crimson and Clover" has sold five million copies over the years, and it still sounds as fresh and unique as it did when it in the winter of '69! “I’m amazed at how long this music has remained relevant,” says James. “I consider myself to be incredibly blessed.”
This Sunday, February 3, 'Gettin' Together with Tommy James' will feature stories and covers of "Crimson And Clover." Tune in to SiriusXM '60s on 6, 5-8pm Eastern/ 2-5pm Pacific. Even better than the Super Bowl!

Remember that you can leave a message for Tommy with your memories of the '60s and his music at 833-Tommy-Show!
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Much love from Tommy and all of us at Aura Entertainment!!
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