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Skip from New York City wrote on August 10, 2019:
Hi Tommy, I see you are going to be in concert on 11/1 in Englewood NJ. I tried looking up info for tickets and they don't even have you listed on their schedule. If you are there let me know about tickets, I want to take my daughter and grand daughter to see you. I'm very good friends with PePe (A & K) for a very long time. He knows of us well. Of course they love Tighter, Tighter and I thought you might be close to me that night and I really want to take my two ladies that night. I would need to get 3 tickets before they sell out. I would love 1st row seats but maybe that's too much for me to spend. But I just need to know why they haven't listed you for 11/1. I'm a big fan of yours from the start and got all your songs. I read your book and looking forward to the movie. I Think Were Alone Now is my favorite song. Really would love to see you in concert soon. Well good health and luck, Skip Funt