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Billy G from Lake city Michigan wrote on February 28, 2021:
Just wanted to say Iโ€™ve seen you guys numerous times and have always wondered why the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has been so stupid by not voting Tommy James and the band into the Hall of fame It ok though as fans we know so let them be stupid I guess Keep on rocking Billy
Tom Traynor from Biloxi wrote on February 26, 2021:
I grew up in Connellsville, Pa where you played when you were coming up. I first seen you when i was 17 in Greendburg Pa. I now live in Biloxi. MS. Next time you are at Hard Rock i would like to meet you.
Michael from Reno wrote on February 24, 2021:
Hi Tommy! My friends and I all love your music - itโ€™s been a staple in my car stereo since 2019. Iโ€™m curious - lots of 60s bands have live recordings in some form or another, but I canโ€™t seem to find any of you and the Shondells? Are there any old live tapes floating around to your knowledge? Thanks! Michael
Allan from Alexandria,VA wrote on February 21, 2021:
Hello! I have noticed that a lot of artists are now selling handwritten lyrics to their songs because they cannot tour during COVID 19. Would you ever do that? I would love the opportunity to purchase a signed handwritten lyric sheet to Crimson and Clover. It is my favorite song of all-time. Thanks! - Allan
Jim Johnson from Victoria wrote on February 10, 2021:
After seeing who has been nominated for the rock and roll hall of fame this year you should have been there years ago.
Jim Carpenter from Newport News, VA wrote on February 6, 2021:
A friend who has seen you in concert over the years mentioned to me last month that you might be a Christian but it wasn't until today (2/6/21) that I read about your conversion; to which I say, Praise God! And, keep spreading the Good News!!
Michael Williams from Port Jefferson ny wrote on February 4, 2021:
I have a question about a song that was recorded by alive and kicking I know Tommy had something to do with that Iโ€™m not sure if he actually wrote it or he just produced it what year is a horn section thatโ€™s plays that sounds a lot like herb Alpert just wondering if that was him playing on the track
Alex "Kales" Grant from Buckeye wrote on February 2, 2021:
God bless You Tommy....Crystal Blue Persuasion has inspired me since 1969, set me back on the right path, again and again. Lifts my soul out of the ditch.
jim danku from raleigh nc wrote on January 30, 2021:
Just sitting here with a buzz and listened to Hanky Panky. Classic shit. Just basic driving guitar ala Dick Dale without a beach or Green Onions. Love it. You had some fantastic stuff. Gonna get caught up on some of your current material . Cheers
Timothy from Toronto wrote on January 25, 2021:
Hey man, Thank you and all of your band/session musicians for the cool music over the years. Your music has touched me through good and bad times. PS: I enjoyed your book about the music industry as well. All the best Brother!