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Ron K from Gatesville, Texas wrote on April 5, 2020:
Way back when I was in High School, our Chemistry teacher said he was a drummer with Tommy James & Shondells (before you became famous!). His name was Art Yarzembeck...does that name "ring a bell"?
debrahill from Gastonia wrote on March 25, 2020:
never realized how much i missed out on ; your work is awesome now as it was then love you keep going strong fan forever
Jeanne Schneider from Eugene wrote on March 20, 2020:
A fun memory from the 60s: At my middle school dance in Lodi, California, a boy in my class named Barry Votaw was on the AV squad and played 'Crimson and Clover' SIX TIMES for us to dance to! His favorite song at the time, of course!
Andy Roman from College Park wrote on March 12, 2020:
When will you play in the Washington, DC/Maryland/Virginia area? There are a number of venues here.
Mike M from Chicago wrote on March 10, 2020:
Dear Brother Tommy - You were the best of best, and remain so. Grew up in 60' and 70'. God our Father blessed your fans with your voice and your love of our Heavenly Father. Never a bitter word from you not being in the Rock and Roll hall of fame. You too superior for them, You will be with the Lord in the Heavens and treating all of us with your constant state there. The Almighty is quite aware of you moral contributations to his people on earth. Tommy, may you live to be 120 and stay in great health. May our Lord and all the Saints be with you always. Best-est regards and respect my favority artist of all time, you made my day many times listening to your hits on A.M radio. MM
Kales from Surprise, wrote on March 4, 2020:
Tommy: Back in 1968 I was a child of a broken family and abusive parents. Crystal Blue Persuasion gave me hope and direction of where I should look. The song inspires me still to this day. Grateful
christine vail from riverview wrote on March 4, 2020:
Tommy, you and your band were awesome at the strawberry festival. you still sound great! you made my day when you gave me a hug! that was better than a selfie or autograph to me! I am going to order your new album, they said you will sign it๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ’‹โค
Paul Stanziale from Homosassa Florida and Morristown NJ wrote on March 1, 2020:
Hey there. Just saw you at strawberry festival in Plant City. Really Really enjoyed it. Grew up in Morristown NJ and remember your old Drummer Pete there. He was the local celebrity. Any way I know you must enjoy the compliments becuase you deserve it. It was a great time for a day concert. My nephew asked why we were not up screaming. He loved it too. I told him.. "Hey we are old". He did get to go up and gave you a bow when you mingled. He will savor the moment. Made his day. Even my grand daughter who is only 18 enjoyed it. She goes. Oh I know these songs.
David P Hofmann from Lakeland wrote on February 29, 2020:
Tommy, GREAT show at the Strawberry Festival. You covered ALL our favorite songs. Thank you for being there. Long live rock'n roll!!
gregg s from Ruskin, FL wrote on February 29, 2020:
My wife & I were at your concert yesterday 2/28/2020 at the FL. Strawberry Festival. Lot's of fun!