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Ruth Sivley from Poplar Bluff wrote on February 16, 2020:
Hey Tommy when are you coming back to Branson Missouri you had to cancel last May.OH why do you always wear black you look good in colors. Hope to see you soon!!!!!!
jose e soriano from Camarillo wrote on February 16, 2020:
Tommy i am a big fan of yours; my favorite is crystal blue persuasion; can you please play a song from another artist the zombies; the name of the song is "Nothing's Change". thank you so much!!!
Donnie Gerrin from Rome Ga. wrote on February 15, 2020:
Saw both of your Georgia concerts last year. They were both great. Hope you can make it back soon. Hopefully somewhere in North part of Ga or around Atlanta. Been a fan from your first record.
Julia Jones from Marion, OH wrote on February 15, 2020:
What a show last night at the Marion Palace! Thanks for being such great musicians and so personally generous to do a meet and greet during and after the show. It was a treat to shake the hand of the man who provided the soundtrack for my teenage years. I had a front row center stage seat and couldnโ€™t have enjoyed you and your entire band more. I โ€œchair dancedโ€ and sang along so much that Iโ€™m sore today. Lol Totally worth it. Bless you and the whole gang!
mark from marion, ohio wrote on February 14, 2020:
Just watched your show from the 3rd row at our beautiful palace theater tonight and what a treat. Honestly I wasn't expecting such a good show and you guys rocked it. Harmonies were spot on the sound was pitch perfect. Thanks for coming to our little town and putting on a great show. The lady in front of me was up a lot and is probably stalking you as I write this, lol. Fan for life, thanks again.
Steve Pechak from Kalispell wrote on February 12, 2020:
Brother Tommy: I have always like 'Crystal Blue Persuasions' but as I listened to it today, it reminded me of Jesus described in the Urantia Book. I hope you will read that book, as this song came to you from some bible passages. I would even send you a copy if you like. It has changed my life. I would like to play that song at every opening of our study groups. It is great. Thank you
Kevin Frautschy from Irvine wrote on February 12, 2020:
Hi Tommy! Hey, you guys realllly need to come see us here in southern California! We miss you!!!!
Michael Valvano from Lyndhurst wrote on February 11, 2020:
Good morning , I was at Lees Hawaiian Islander on Sat 2/8/20. Someone came up to my table and used the book to sing a Karaoke song.I said to him you look like Tommy James and he said,no he looks like me. I was wondering if that was you. If it was I want to kick my self in the butt. You are one of my favorite singers. Im 59 yrs old and still listen to your music all the time. I would have taken a photo and asked for your autograph . Was that you ?
Frank Swiatek from Buffalo, NY wrote on February 7, 2020:
HI Tommy! Just saw you on the Huckabee show and it was terrific. Huckabee's interest in you was very evident. He showed a lot of sincerity when he asked the audience to buy your book. Another dynamite performance Tommy! A real pleasure to know you.
Ashley Leone from Dallas wrote on February 7, 2020:
Hi Uncle Tommy! Iโ€™m juniors daughter, Ashley. Iโ€™ve been wanting to get in touch with yโ€™all for years but wasnโ€™t sure how to. I miss the shondells family, and I know my dad would have wanted me to stay in contact with you because yโ€™all meant the world to him. Mom and I are planning on coming to one of your shows this year ๐Ÿ™‚ she misses you as much as I do. Hope you and Linda are doing amazing. Sending all my love from Texas!