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Mark Taiariol from Jessup, Pa. wrote on August 17, 2019:
On this, the 50th anniversary of Woodstock I just found out and am in disbelief that you guys are not in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I sent them two emails to find out and will call them Monday and find out why.
Skip from New York City wrote on August 10, 2019:
Hi Tommy, I see you are going to be in concert on 11/1 in Englewood NJ. I tried looking up info for tickets and they don't even have you listed on their schedule. If you are there let me know about tickets, I want to take my daughter and grand daughter to see you. I'm very good friends with PePe (A & K) for a very long time. He knows of us well. Of course they love Tighter, Tighter and I thought you might be close to me that night and I really want to take my two ladies that night. I would need to get 3 tickets before they sell out. I would love 1st row seats but maybe that's too much for me to spend. But I just need to know why they haven't listed you for 11/1. I'm a big fan of yours from the start and got all your songs. I read your book and looking forward to the movie. I Think Were Alone Now is my favorite song. Really would love to see you in concert soon. Well good health and luck, Skip Funt
Mark D Knight from Corydon wrote on August 9, 2019:
Looking forward to seeing your show at Abbey Road On The River over Memorial Day weekend in 2020! Saw you perform at the Hulman Center in Terre Haute, Indiana for the Indiana State University homecoming in 1974...I'm as interested now as I was then! Maybe you can catch my friends in the local Beatles tribute band The Rigbys while you're at AROTR! [Do you still perform "Sugar On Sunday"? Wasn't your biggest hit, but it was one of my favorites.]
Susan Stevens from Canisteo NY wrote on August 8, 2019:
Love your music! Please come to a city near me! Del lago Casino in Waterloo NY would be nice!
Dana Dillon from Tacoma wrote on August 8, 2019:
Tommy. Love the remix of Draggin the Line. I wish you’d come out to the Pacific Northwest! Plenty of gig worthy casinos!! Been a fan forever. I’m 63. So you already know a long. Time !!! Crystal Blue Persuasion. My jam !! ( mom got tired of the constant repeat on my little stereo) Love Dana Tacoma Wa
Chris Kinkade from Toluca Lake wrote on August 7, 2019:
Saw your set this afternoon at the Ventura County Fair and was so impressed with the energy and joy you brought to the stage. Your whole band was so tight and rockin' and Tommy, your sounded so damn good. We loved seeing you in that lovely venue by the ocean and it made for one of my all time favorite concert experiences. The intimacy with which you connected to the audience brought all those wonderful songs to life in way that shows how fresh timeless classics like that are. I was so happy to hear you as I have been a fan since I was a kid (I am 62 now) and your songs have always been a part of my life which I felt like I got to celebrate with you today. Thank you for your generous magical spirit!
Peter Krah from Boise, Idaho wrote on August 1, 2019:
How about adding the history of the band, from day 1 all the way until now, and a story that includes all band members and what happened to them. Thanks
Sally Giannantonio from Atlantic City, NJ wrote on July 29, 2019:
Had a great time at your concert Saturday night 7/27/19! You guys ROCK! You sound so amazing. Keep up the great work. Hope to see you again.
Brian B from Omaha wrote on July 25, 2019:
Fulfilling a 50 year lifelong dream to see Tommy next week in Okoboji. With my younger brother who's waited as long (we were gifted a box of 45's as 4 and 7 year olds-my dad bought them from the local diner when they changed the jukebox-included was "Sweet Cherry Wine") there a set opportunity for pics and/or autographs? We have plenty of time before and after. Just curious as to whether signing/pics happens, and if there's a protocol. ANY tip/advice/knowledge would be appreciated. It truly is a lifetime bucket list for us.
Bev Fluck from Nazareth, Pa. wrote on July 23, 2019:
Had a great time Saturday at the CD signing in Jim Thorpe, and the concert at The Peak. Our local spot. Thank you for signing the guitar. It looks so good next to all your things on our music room wall. Don't know when we'll see you again, but keep up the good work!