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John Doe from MI wrote on April 14, 2021:
My parents told be that the song Hanky Panky (Tommy James and the Shondells song) was very popular in Belgium in the 1960's. I am born in the 1977, so this was before my time. I am a Belgium citizen living in the United States. I have never heard of Tommy James and the Shondells, before โ€œGettin' Together with Tommy Jamesโ€ aired on SiriusXM. I listen to you almost every Sunday since you came on the air on SiriusXM. Can you please don not mention my name on the air and on the internet because I do not want this to show up on google?
Karen Kelley from KY - Lexington wrote on April 11, 2021:
I am loving your "Gettin' Together" show on 60s on 6! Love the classic music by Sinatra, Johnny Mathis, etc. and of course, You!! Great show, stories and fun, thanks so much for entertaining us!
Ginger Hipszky from Colorado Springs wrote on April 8, 2021:
Tommy, I am a moderator on You Tube for Hummingbird Spot. On the Nest Cam, one of your songs has been chosen for the babies that are 4 days old. Come and check out the Nest Cam tomorrow when this will be announced.
Meagan Paese from Coral Springs, FL wrote on April 2, 2021:
Hello Tommy My names Meagan Paese, I'm a radio host of The History of Rock and Roll. I saw you one time in concert along with Peter Noone of Herman's Hermits at the Hard Rock Live in Hollywood, FL in 2011. It was a good concert. I hope you perform again in Florida. If you like to be guest on my radio show in the future you'll be great as guest to disx
Mark from Wetumpka wrote on April 1, 2021:
Hello, is your show at Westbury for May 22 still on ? I donโ€™t want to buy plane tickets If it is moved to another date . Thanks
Brian Smith from Lexington wrote on March 29, 2021:
I grew up in Cassopolis, then later lived in Muskegon, MI. I have followed your music my whole life. What is the status of the movie ? I get so frustrated waiting for at least a shooting schedule. YOU DESERVE TO BE IN THE HALL OF FAME. The movie would help that ? Maybe that whole thing is a sham, but loved the book, want the film, and thank you so much Tommy James for the joy you have given the whole world. How lucky you are, and how fortunate we are.
Glory from San Jose wrote on March 24, 2021:
I was looking forward to seeing you in Las Vegas last March but the virus ruined everything. I kept checking your site which does not show any concert dates. Would you please include this information? I really enjoy your music and canโ€™t wait to see you in person in Vegas or in California! I play your live at the bitter end cd frequently. Taking a photo with you would be a dream come true!
Nicholas Denham from Chattanooga, TN wrote on March 17, 2021:
Hi Tommy, just wanted to say that I have seen you in concert four times and every time it has been wonderful! Your beautiful voice never ages! Hopefully there will be a fifth time after Covid. Thank you so much for taking the time to sign merchandise after the shows, too. I have many things left for you to sign lol. It shows how much you care about your fans. Anyway, stay safe and good luck with the movie! Your awesome book definitely deserves to have a hit film based on it. Hopefully, that will finally be enough to get you guys in the RRHOF where you belong! Best wishes-Nicholas
Ambor Church from Billings wrote on March 15, 2021:
I had a baby on November 15, 2020. I have noticed that when he gets fussy if I put on the song Crimson and Clover he automatically stops. It happens every time. Iโ€™m not sure what it is with this song and my four-month-old baby but I would just like to say thank you. Your song has saved me a lot of tears and frustration because as soon as I turn it on he stops crying and becomes silent and even smiles. I really do not mind listening to Crimson and Clover over and over just like the song says.
Steve from Annapolis wrote on March 15, 2021:
Searched your webpage for your Tour dates. Cโ€™mon, Tommy โ€” take it on the road! Love your music.