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Norma Archuleta from Mountainair, nm wrote on February 12, 2019:
I really enjoyed your show and how you treated everyone. Tommy James you are one of a kind! Thanks for signing my t shirt and book! Also for taking a picture with me. God bless you and I know That God is giving you back what the Devil stole from you.
frank swiatek from Buffalo, NY wrote on February 11, 2019:
Hi Tommy! Betty Anne and I are looking forward to seeing you in Greensburg, PA on Valentines Day. I have something historic to show you, and I have something to share that I think should have great interest to you. God Bless.
Len Witt from Peoria wrote on February 10, 2019:
Thanks so much for visiting Talking Stick Resort and Casino 2/09/19. Simply put, your music makes me happy. My 6th Tommy James concert. Please come back soon.
Michael Wilkinson from St. Petersburg wrote on February 9, 2019:
For 50 years, I've been listening to Crimson and Clover over and over and over and over, what a beautiful feeling....
craig kennedy from EMPORIA Ks wrote on February 2, 2019:
Was at Prairie Band to see Tommy James on Jan 31. Was one of his best in years. Brought back the classic rock & roll
Debbie Heaney from Topeka wrote on February 2, 2019:
I was at the Prairie Band Casino show. How awesome! The fact that you put on a great show and still made it personal by coming out in the crowd to shake hands and give hugs truly shows your heart. You also made yourself available after the show. Thank you for showing your heart! Made me have so much respect for you. You deserve all the great things that have happened to you you over the years. Never change! I will continue to listen to you on XM radio, and look forward to your movie. I am awaiting the book to arrive. God Blessโค๏ธ.
Stephen Laug from Saint Louis, MO wrote on February 1, 2019:
50 years ago today: Crimson And Clover reaches #1 on Billboard after 16 weeks of chart presence. Happy 50th Anniversary, Tommy!
Joe Kindelberger from Fairbury,IL. wrote on January 31, 2019:
Hey Tommy have loved your music since hearing Hanky Panky! My favorite song is Crystal Blue Persuasion. Have always wanted to see you live in concert but haven't had the chance until now. So looking forward to see you at the Arcada Theater in St. Charles,IL. on September 21st. Purchased tickets as soon as they went on sale and have seats in the third row. Going to be a dream come true for me!
Marco Munoz from Montclair NJ wrote on January 30, 2019:
Hello There Tommy, Both my wife Ellen and I thank the Lord for your witnessing to major venues. Crimson and Clover is a powerful song to plant the seeds of grace. We will pray and continue to pray for you and your wife not to mention your band and tour. We love your music and can't wait to see you in the westbury venue NY. Thank you and may the Lord continue to Bless you. Your Brother in Jesus Christ MMJ
Phillip Foote from Shenandoah Junction wv wrote on January 30, 2019:
Tommy, Absolutely amazing...your total record sales, number of gold hits, and the many platinum albums. You wrote from the heart, mastered many instruments and pioneered the new sound of pop...that would be the catalyst for the heavy rock and roll bands. Your only limitations were...your chosen path of a drug-free life and your close association with God. If you had worked your way up to โ€œthe purest cocaineโ€ (as ST of Aero__ bragged on TV)...and you had just a little โ€œsympathy for the devilโ€ and took time to build a โ€œstairway to heaven โ€œ very likely would be in the R&R Hall of Fame, with a net worth over $500M, and have the well-deserved level of recognition and acknowledgement your talents merit...and I hereby demand from the decision-makers at R&R HoF. I must apologize here and I was buying your records in the early years. But I, like so many others, drifted away from music with meaningful and crystal clear lyrics that you could actually hear and understand...and I became hooked on heavy rock music where the lyrics rhymed, the bands had more advanced instruments, and there was megawatts of amplification. They had better resources, but lacked your Coach. Wow...just think, what a career you could have had...if only you hadnโ€™t stolen that bible from the Holiday Inn. YOU UNDERSTAND ME. TO KNOW LOVE...IS TO KNOW GOD! Rock on my brother...for Heโ€™s watching and listening. With love, Phil