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john dahlstrom from san diego wrote on September 19, 2020:
hey tommy,just finished your book,loved it,glad you survived possible hit men,substance abuse,crazy stuff,you sound great on your radio show,would love to see you in san diego for a live show,your music always strikes an emotional cord with me,so good and unique,nobody sounds like you.hope to see you live sometime,this black plague going on isnt helping things for sure,thanks for the great music
daixy stevens from elk grove wrote on September 17, 2020:
Thank you and bless you for your music- I go listen to you when I need you- Crystal Blue Persuasion always makes me feel better- all these years.
Lyndon Massa from Tulsa wrote on September 7, 2020:
Tommy, first Thank You for the Music! Second,,,A group of people in Tulsa would like to make a movie about Bobby Fuller. He got the same treatment you did only worse. Just wondering if you may be interested since the bad guys are all gone? I talked to Randy, Bobby's brother and to his publicist and we all think it needs to be done now. Feel free to write,, and health and peace!
Jan MacDonald from Windsor, Ontario Canada wrote on September 4, 2020:
We need you up here in Canada Tommy James. Need our memories and our youth back. God Bless.
Brenda T. from Pensacola, FL wrote on August 30, 2020:
I am going down memory lane . . . loving all the songs from my childhood, my teenage years, and relishing as an older adult. I hope to see you in or near beautiful Pensacola once things come to a resemblance of normalcy. Thank you for the major impact Tommy James and the Shondells has had on music in my lifetime and for the generations to come.
Tina Emmitt from Fairview Park ohio wrote on August 30, 2020:
Hello, We listen to you every Sunday,love your show, you blew us away with your four easy listening songs, Love Frank Sinatra and the wonderful Tony Bennett and Ray Charles!Love the way you mix jaundras my husband loves Led Zepplin and the Yard Birds and the Count Five.Keep the music alive .....John and Tina Emmitt
Marlene Davis from Franklin, MA wrote on August 26, 2020:
... So very pleased that you rescheduled your appearance at the Stadium in Woonsocket, RI ...again ... !
Dean Psomiades from So.Ozone Park wrote on August 23, 2020:
I would love for you to play Rip Van Winkle-The Devotions.Originally record 1961 a couple yrs. later ended up in the hands of Morris Levy at Roulette,it was put on Vol.1 of his Oldies But goodies LP. Was released in Feb. 1964 on a 45 and took to the charts at the start of the British Invasion and made it to #36 on the Billboard Top 40.
Thomas Patton (AKA TomCattt) from Toronto wrote on August 22, 2020:
Mr. James, Here we have yet another fundraiser music parody video entitled "I Was So Blind" and is based on your amazing hit: "Draggin the line". This time the linked charity include both the Canadian and American Red Cross. Sure hope you like it. Cheers, TomCattt
Jerry Arnett from Costa Mesa, Ca wrote on August 10, 2020:
Hi Tommy, Love you show on Sirius XM! I went home to watch one of your You Tube live performances and was excited to find out that you are a fellow Christian as well! I pray that after this pandemic is over you will come to Southern California to do a show. I have all your 60s LPs and would love to meet you and have you autograph one of them for me. I will continue to listen to your radio show as I love everything you play on the air. May our Lord Jesus richly bless you and your family and keep you safe and healthy! Jerry from Costa Mesa,Ca.