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Maria Johnsoon from Escanaba wrote on May 21, 2020:
I just want to say i am 58 years old, and growing up my life was a pure hell. Physically abused by my mother. I have a friend to this day who would have me at her house to stay the weekends and we would listen to Tommy James and the Shondells and drink slow gin. Your music brought FREEDOM TO ME! I listen to you all the time! wish you could be at the casino in Bark River, Harris Michigan. Would love to see you!
Kim Sohlman from Mashpee wrote on May 14, 2020:
Crystal Blue Persuasion...since I've been working from home these past two months, I feel so blessed to be able to listen to one of my all-time favorite songs multiple times throughout the day. I get every word, I feel it, & I know it. I've always known it, even before my near death experience. Thank you so much for the beautiful work of art you created in this song, and in all of your songs. It brings happiness, joy, and peace to my soul, and I want to share that with the whole world! Maybe sometime you can come to Cape Cod, where I live, and play inside the Melody Tent (Yes, it's a very large tent, and it has a rotating floor!). Would love to be able to see you before we pass on to our next destination.
Kathy Johnson from Madison wrote on May 11, 2020:
Hi! I am so excited that you are playing at Abbey Road on the River! I heard "Mirage" recently and wanted to request that song when you play. It brings back so many memories. Please, and thank you for considering my request. 😍
dennis merchant from Cass City wrote on May 5, 2020:
Tommy, I have bit of news you may find interesting. My grandparents had a business in Niles, Mi. in the late 20's early 30's by the name of Sommers' Baking Co. My grandfather was a school trained professional baker and along with his brother operated this business and another bakery in Cassopolis. Some time in the early 30's, the depression caught up with him and his business failed. He floundered for a few years and ultimately moved his family up to the thumb of Mi. to a town by the name of Cass City and bought a bakery there, which remained in the family for nearly 60 years. I worked in it after getting out of the army for 25 years myself until it was sold in 96. I'm sure you've never heard of the town, small 2200 pop. Sommers Bakery and Restaurant was the name of our business. We made the best bread, donuts and pies for a small retail shop. The building in Niles Is still there, although I have no idea what is in it now. Just thought you might find it interesting that we had somewhat of a connection with the Niles area. I have always been a fan of your writings and records and enjoyed it for decades. Happy belated B.D. and many more!!!!! Listen to your radio show on Sundays all the time. Take Care!!!
Patrick Cassidy from La Jolla, CA. wrote on April 30, 2020:
Happy B day!!!! Thanks again for great music I never got tired of!!!! Crimson and Clover - OVER AND OVER!!!!! See you in Vegas! Your fan since 1969
Alfred Galat from Bensalem wrote on April 29, 2020:
a happy birthday to you...I hope I look that good at 73!
Stephen Laug from Saint Louis, Missouri wrote on April 29, 2020:
Happy 73rd Birthday, Tommy! Thanks for adding so much color to our lives (Out Of The Blue, Evergreen, Sweet Cherry Wine, I Am A Tangerine, Crystal Blue Persuasion, Red Rover, Quick Silver, White Horses, Lady In White, Red Headed Woman In A Black Limousine, Madd Blue, Bluebird, Cinnamon Sunshine, and my personal favorite, Crimson and Clover).
Ed Razim from Lagrange pk wrote on April 29, 2020:
Tommy,you can still belt it out!HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Wayne & Nancy Kent from Cadillac, Michigan wrote on April 29, 2020:
Tommy - we can't tell you how much your video (with lyrics) of Crystal Blue Persuasion has meant to us in these trying times. Christ is our rock in these trying times and that the song was inspired by the bible makes it so much more meaningful. Thank you! Bless you!
debra hill from Gastonia wrote on April 29, 2020:
i am so excited to have rediscovered your music in these trying times ; i listened to yall as a teen now as a senior citizen they call us now ; keep it coming you are the best ;;