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Mark B. Spiegel from New York City wrote on November 28, 2021
Your Bob Lefsetz interview was GREAT! Your music charted a bit before my time (I know it only as "great oldies") but you seem like a really great guy... Thanks for a terrifically entertaining two hours!
Cindy Engler from Ohio wrote on November 23, 2021
Thank you so much, Tommy, for the fantastic show in St. Louis! I was ecstatic to see you and the Shondells, and you guys were absolutely outstanding! Also, thank you for doing a benefit show to help the homeless too. Your voice and music is amazing Tommy, and I have been listening to you since age 6. I read your book as well and I can't wait for the movie! I also can't wait until you are in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (long overdue). It is happening because it's not a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame without you, Tommy! I wish you, the band, and your families a very Happy and blessed Thanksgiving!
Mike from Goose Creek wrote on November 22, 2021
It's great to see that you tour some but did you know that there are States below the Mason/Dixon line? Come down south and schedule some concerts and find the hospitality quite welcoming.
Miki Feldman from Minneapolis wrote on November 22, 2021
My friends and I drive down from Minnesota for your show in St Charles Mo I have seen you many times and I thought it was the most fun energetic show I have seen to date other than the Mn State Fair! Love your band Jonathan Greg John and Benny you rock guys! Canโ€™t wait to see you at the Medina ballroom and then in Iowa
Warren and Debbie from Saint Louis wrote on November 22, 2021
We were in Row 6 at Family Arena in St. Charles, MO this past Saturday night. A strong performance by Tommy James and (current) Shondels. Previously, I saw Tommy play The Illinois State Fair (Springfield, IL) back in the early 1990s and Busch Memorial Stadium in 1987 in St. Louis, MO. The outstanding concert we saw this past Saturday night caused me to check-- is Tommy James not in The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? If not, why not? I notice that Felix Cavaliere and The (Young) Rascals (The opening band this past Saturday) IS a member of The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Tommy James certainly qualifies. If you scan the list of performers in The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, you'll see some are actually very loosely connected to Rock music. If I am mistaken about any of this, somebody please respond. Somebody needs to nominate Tommy. He and his music have been a quiet national treasure in a time when the media gave an overabundance of attention to British bands.
R. Fairwood from St. Louis wrote on November 21, 2021
Powerful show last night in STL (St. Charles, MO). Honored to shake your hand during Mony Mony. Your band is tight, with perfect vocal blend. "Look up. Look up. Jesus is coming soon." Tommy James is a great rhythm guitarist and a True Rocker.
John Samson from ARNOLD wrote on November 21, 2021
I attended you concert last night (NOV. 18,2021) at the St. Charles , MO family arena. Wow! You put on a great show! Always wanted to see you, and last night just reinforced how talented you are. Your voice is wonderful, and I can see that you really care for your fans. A++ concert.
Warren and Debbie from Saint Louis, MO wrote on November 21, 2021
We sat in Row 6 at last nights Saturday night concert 11/20/2021 at Family Arena in St. Charles, MO. Perhaps we are just fans, but Tommy could easily appear again tonight on The Ed Sullivan Show if that show were still on television. Timeless music.
Kaye Young from Fayetteville wrote on November 20, 2021
My husband and I drove in last night for tonight's concert - part of our 45th Wedding Anniversary Celebration!!
Warren and Debbie from Saint Louis wrote on November 17, 2021
Tommy, We will see you at Family Arena in St. Charles, MO this Saturday night. Also check the message left at the above phone number. Best of luck!