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Hailey Keel from Glastonbury wrote on August 1, 2021
Hi Tommy, I really enjoy your show! I think that one day you should a show all about the Vox Continental and add songs from bands such as The Doors and The Animals!
Cynthia Carpenter from Kings Mountain wrote on July 29, 2021
When is your movie coming out?
Robert Slater from New York wrote on July 26, 2021
Hi Tommy, Any success on contact info for Peter Scaltrito, Frank Scaltrito from NEON?
Ed Moore from Vacaville, CA wrote on July 26, 2021
My wife and I both think that you should take your Gettin' Together show, on Sunday evenings, to the next level and make it a TV show. Come up with video clips for your selected songs and bands, along with your excellent commentary. Also live guests. It would be the perfect ending to every weekend!
Patti from Cleveland wrote on July 25, 2021
Hi Tommy! Just want to say I've been listening faithfully to your Sunday Gettin' Together for the past few years now. Your show is such an uplifting departure from the seemingly constant bad news. I adored you back in the 60's, and now, I've fallen for you all over again. Keep on gettin' us together Tommy! Love you & hope to see you live one day. Diggin' you always, patti
Mark Olson from Rushford wrote on July 24, 2021
Why no PO Boxes? It's the only way I recieve my mail.
Mark Olson from Rushford wrote on July 24, 2021
Hey Tommy, I was curious why aren't some of the twofers available anymore? Please put them back out there for us. Thanks Tommy, Love ya man!
Robert Slater from New York wrote on July 21, 2021
Hi Tommy, Trying to reach so very old friends. Do you have contact info for Peter Scaltrito?
Linda Richardson from Millville wrote on July 19, 2021
Will see you in Ocean City...Been awhile. Last time was Steel Pier so many moons ago. You guys were so fan friendly! Please do I think we're alone now and dedicate it to LINDA....I know, I know you got a lot of these requests but this would mean so much to me!!!
Gary from windsor va wrote on July 18, 2021
Tommy i have been a fan since mid 60s .Do you have any plans to do a concert in norfolk or va beach va any time soon would love to see ther band