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Jack Sawyer from Amsterdam wrote on September 27, 2022
Hey Tommy, Still listening to your music and would love to take you out to grab a beer or some dinner and hear your story! Regards, Jack
Susan J McCoy from Lincoln wrote on September 21, 2022
Tommy, I forgot to tell you, I just love your slow version of I Think We're Alone Now!
Susan J McCoy from Lincoln wrote on September 21, 2022
Wow! What a concert last night at the OK State Fair!! We drove down from Lincoln, NE and it was worth the trip! Thank you so much. We will definitely come to see you again as long as you are touring! Love you, Tommy!!
Kyle Shelley from Oklahoma City wrote on September 21, 2022
What a fantastic concert! I have always loved your songs, but was not expecting such a high energy performance with perfect vocals and mesmerizing musicians. I counted 5 vocalists harmonizing with you. The 3 guitarists & 2 keyboardists, along with the vocals and knockout drummer, filled the evening with intense richness and over the top experience. I have seen many many top performers over the years, and this tops most of them. I was telling my friends at the concert that I feel it is unfair that I paid nothing for that magical experience. Not only that, but you & the Shondells have given me 100's if not 1000's of hours of escape for which I can truly never repay you. Each & every time I hear one of your songs my mood is immediately elevated and I have a momentary escape. While this would not make us even in the slightest, but if you & the Shondells are still in town, I would like to spring for a steak dinner for you and the band at either Juniors or Cattlemens, both historically iconic steakhouses with a lot of charm. If you & the band are interested, just send me an email and I will make the reservations. Once again thanks for an unforgettable evening.
Ann Solinski from Oklahoma City wrote on September 21, 2022
Had an outstanding time at your OK State Fair concert tonight. I hate counting up the years I've been a fan but so glad to see you in person!!! Still so damn good!!!
Jim Gaston from OKC wrote on September 20, 2022
On 8.13.22, I welcomed you & the Band to OKC on 9.20.22, when I heard you were comig to town I DID have my Total Right Hip Replacement Surgery on 9.13.22, and therefore, I WILL NOT be able to go the OK State Fair tonight (Wah, Wah !) Can we make a date forNext Year ?
James Udell from Wyncote wrote on September 18, 2022
Tommy......please please what was the name of the song that Elton John did his first background piano in. You played it during one of your radio shows. It was a top hit by the person (not Elton) who did it who I think was Female Thank you Jim
Sharon from Cresskill wrote on September 18, 2022
PLEASE come back to The Bergen PAC in Englewood, New Jersey!
Mike Loomis from Fredonia, NY wrote on September 15, 2022
My first 45 was Hanky Panky. I've been a devoted fan since. I saw you at Tanglewood & again in Chautauqua. Outstanding shows! A few years ago, my daughter and I went to a Brian Wilson show in Michigan. She called it our daddy/daughter date. On October 28th, daddy/ daughter date II, in Joliet. I can't wait!
Ronnie Hooper from Trappe Md. wrote on September 15, 2022
The more I listen to your music the more I feel better inside. I'm a 60 year old truck driver and it just never gets old. I remember like it was yesterday, going inside my older sister's room, (where I was told to stay out lol), plugging in her record player, and searching for that 45 with the fancy design that must have mesmerized me...the Roulette Hanky Panky. I thought that was the coolest thing ever. Your music has been embedded in me ever since. As a high school junior, when trying to decide what color to paint my hot rod 68 Chevelle...there was only 1 choice...Crimson. I just got done watching the "Live at the Bitter End" DVD for the 100th time and it never, and never will get old. I only regret that I haven't been able to attend a live show at all. Your music has played such a huge roll in molding many lives...including mine. Just wanted to say...THANK YOU, Ronnie