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Ian Flanagan from Canton wrote on September 30, 2023
Tommy, you sounded fantastic last night at the Royal Oak theater and your band can really jam! It was a real blessing to talk with you briefly and shake your hand when you came into the audience, glad you didn't actually french kiss us though like you said on stage LOL. Anyway I was the young red head in the wheelchair stage left, next to your manager Carol. I think God had favor on me that night because someone surprised us by buying those tickets for us and we never found out who, they were great seats too! God is good even when we don't understand life. I know it sounds weird but, I think I was supposed to pray with you. I tried to stop my parents from leaving but they wanted to beat the crowd. I think God provided those seats for me, next to your manager for a reason. Anyway, I am praying for you and I feel bad I didn't give you the encouragement there. I think God wanted me to encourage you somehow, sometimes I hear the whisper of the Holy spirit and he leads me to encourage people. I know you lost your wife recently, maybe that was what I was supposed to comfort you about. 1 Kings 19:11-13, Psalm 147:3 and Isaiah 40:31 God bless
Mike Rejsa from Minneapolis wrote on September 27, 2023
Really liked your book! Amazing what goes on in the biz. And love the cover guitarโ€ฆ ES345 with a missing Vibrola? My band is learning C&C as we speak. ๐Ÿ™‚
Gary from Menifee wrote on September 25, 2023
Love your music. Listen to you every Sunday. Heard your whole interview. There is a show on Netflix called Sex Education that uses Hanky Panky to start one of the episodes. anyway, hope you get to one of our casinos here in So Cal.
Beth from Grand Forks wrote on September 24, 2023
Dear Tommy, My brother and I came to see your concert at the Shooting Star Casino on Friday Sept. 22nd. It was so amazing! I listened to your music when I was 12 years old. I went to a Catholic School. We had a 6th grade school dance. I danced with my boyfriend to Crimson and Clover. Later I was a pom pom girl in middle school. We danced to Mony Mony. Friday nite brought me back to a Beautiful time in my life. I've beat cancer twice! I was so Blessed to see you perform. Thank you for Blessing our world with your music! I'm so happy you found Jesus! He is the Best! He is Coming. God Bless You! Sending much love.
Clydene Stangvik from Fergus Falls wrote on September 24, 2023
Tommy. Fantastic show at shooting star Mahnomen Mn last night. You are the best. Thanks for coming in audience as I was one of the fortunate people to get a picture with you. My daughter and I loved loved your show. I have seen you many many times. Please come again. We love you!
Richard Lambrecht from West Allis wrote on September 20, 2023
Your song, Crystal Blue Persuasion seems like a prophecy of the first magnitude, as if you'd anticipated the eventual development of the sunshine sourced natural blue to be replacing the light of diodes. If the light therapy proves to maintain normal functions of any part of the human body the intensity would be the maximum. Totally free of byproducts and so logical. Do you dabble in business as well as being a musician Tommy?
Michael from Hot Springs wrote on September 15, 2023
I grew up listening to your songs on reel-to-reel in the 60โ€™s. Since then youโ€™ve always been my favorite artist. Yesterday I drove to Salina Kansas, and tomorrow night Iโ€™ll get to see you live at the Stiefel Theatre. Itโ€™s a dream come true for me. Thank you for all the music!
Rick Crump from Olney wrote on September 11, 2023
Great show in Frederick yesterday!! Fan since 1967. Loved it! Your voice is still very young!
David from Flat Rock, NC wrote on September 10, 2023
Greetings, After wearing out the grooves in the Crimson and Clover Album in 1969 I have been a fan. Kind of Ironic it was in my old hometown Frederick, MD today that I finally got a chance to see you perform. I guess it's okay to go down those Smokey Roads every once in a while.
Wil Doe from Marysville wrote on September 10, 2023
TJ - You play better music on Sirius than the regular DJ's!! have good taste! ; ))