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James Midolo from Lawrence wrote on March 20, 2023
Wish you would come to Massachusetts or New Hampshire
ROBERT H BERGGREN from Ada wrote on March 19, 2023
I was born in May 1947, Grand Rapids, MI. Used to see you at the Grand Haven, MI Roller Rink. Love all of your hits. Make me very happy. I almost live at Grand Haven every summer. Thanks for the the great music you provided us.
Rondall Banks from Toccoa wrote on March 17, 2023
I still love your music and I was wondering if you have anything new coming out on cd
Edna & Phil Broyles from Tampa, Florida wrote on March 16, 2023
Crystal Blue Persuasion became "our song" in 1969 when we began dating. We finally saw your performance at the Plant City Strawberry Festival on March 9, 2023. Our daughter surprised us with playing it so we danced to it at our daughter, Julie & Steve's wedding last year. On June 16, 2023 when we celebrate our 50th Wedding Anniversary, we hope to dance to it again. God Bless You and we both wish you all much continued success.
Steven Dore from Rochester NH wrote on March 12, 2023
Tommy. I have thought so many times I have to write and tell you how much I enjoy your show. Listening to your "Best of" and writing while I listen. I was a teen DJ starting in 1968 and played your records when they were new. As the years past, I got to play them as "oldies" from the greatest decade of music ever. I love the selection you play, and your presentation. Great mix, and enjoy the mellow side you intersperse. as well. Anyway, hope you continue to be on Serious XM for a long time. I will be listening!
Judy from Homosassa, Florida wrote on March 10, 2023
Attended your concert yesterday in Plant City at the Strawberry Festival. I really really really enjoyed the concert. You ROCK!
Lisa Shockley from Raleigh NC wrote on March 9, 2023
Hi Tommy ~ What a top-notch fabulous concert at the Strawberry Festival in Plant City, Florida today, March 9, 2023! While this was my first time seeing your show live, I grew up with all of your songs ~ I will find your songs in my music books and post photos! I humbly appreciate the hang afterwards, and talking shop ~ music is life, and so many memories are made from one lyric or tune. How you created your songs is so magical with each song being as unique and wonderful as you are! Thank you for an afternoon in awe!
Jim Martin from Millsboro wrote on March 9, 2023
Hi Tommy, just a line to relive some of my teenage years in the 60's, what a crazy time! I know you are and have been a Christian for many years so I'm sure you will appreciate my story. Thru the 60's it was hard as you know to be a Christian teen with all the sex, drugs and rock and roll going on. I had a group of friends in Church that loved the music of the day even if the "elders" thought it was unholy. We formed a group that would study songs that had some manner of a Biblical reference in them and there were plenty! You were my favorite rock star and loved your music and l aways found a reference such as "only God has the right to decide who lives and who dies" or "when He looks down on all His children". The best part of our group was our Pastor would stop by occasionally just to talk with us and ask what song we were studying and guess what there were many times a line from a current pop song would end up in his sermon! Even better, at my current Church we have a small group that many times get into those old songs and how the writer made a reference to the Bible. Things were very different then and many of the teens from then were Christians, heck I heard a story the other day that 75% of the people that attended Billy Graham revivals were 25 or under! Amazing, take care and God Bless
Mike Eggleston from Niles, Michigan wrote on March 7, 2023
Tommy, Look forward to seeing you at the Strawberry Festival. Last time I saw you perform was at a Niles High School dance. Didn't realize that was you on your Sirius program until you told your story about math class with Willie Potts. Congrats on your success, especially coming from Niles.
Sarah Lasorsa from Alexandria wrote on March 6, 2023
I just wanted to say, I absolutely appreciate your music! I grew up on my fathers music(long ago)and now as a 40 year old Iโ€™m still rocking to your tunes and my 6yo listens to you too! Thank you for all the feels๐Ÿฅฐ and I think we are alone now is my go to karaoke song๐Ÿฅฐ๐Ÿฅฐ๐Ÿฅฐ๐Ÿฅฐ