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Michael Hodo from DONIPHAN wrote on January 18, 2022
Tommy, I have listened to your Great songs since back in the 60s. I played in a R&R Band in High School; I have no idea how many times we covered Hanky Panky, and Mony Mony. The kids loved them. I thought I would never attend one of your Concerts; but I did at St Charles, MO. You were great I was on the 2nd row and got to see you up close. I'm ready for the next one. I really enjoy your show on Sirius radio and your songs on it. I post songs for our old High School Class, and I have written on it: "Tommy James is a musical Genius"! God Bless.
Michael Lauria III from Kennewick wrote on January 17, 2022
Over the past year I really got into Reliving the music I grew up on. I was driving down the road one day when your song Crystal Blue Persuasion came on. It brought back lots of memories. Then I read your book and loved every bit of it. I sure hope 2022 brings you lots of luck. Hope to see you preform someday. Also former owner of the Roostertail in Detroit Jerry Schoenith says hi.
Ace Montana from Clarion wrote on January 6, 2022
In the late 60's, my older sister had a Band, called the Rogues. All members practices in our basement. All members attended Clarion State College, now Clarion University of PA. Their bass guitar, Eddie Gretskie was from DuBois, PA. He eventually received an audition with Tommy James and the Shondells, and was hired by T.J. He changed his name to Eddie Gray. Tommy James is an excellent writer, producer and originator..
Michael Trottidf from Maidstone uk wrote on January 3, 2022
Tommy and the guys were and are always in a class of their own .Having the insight to experiment in sounds that were going to in time change the musical landscape Mirage comes to mind as years aheAd of its time .so amazing to know we are so lucky to have such a major contribution to world music. Thank you for the music
Vera Klein from Palmdale wrote on January 1, 2022
ps: to my long letter to Tommy James & Shondells.... (hey, may have little ADD, MDD, & make long stories, but I mean what I say.. ๐Ÿ˜‰ & wanted to add after reading other fan mail (why they's not in Hall of Fame..... YOU ARE ! in GOD'S HALL OF FAME ๐Ÿ˜‡ ! I'm sure.... didn't know you still did concerts (I live reclusive, like hermit), ... any chance you come to Palmdale area, out and up here in High Desert north of L.A. ?? Saw WAR couple yrs. ago in Marie Kerr Park stage, and Grand Funk at Palmdale Spring Festival, ... there's also Lancaster, (nextdoor), where artist groups perform at LPAC, Lancaster Performing Arts Center... it's kinda outa the way place (was only place a sgl.woman could afford to buy a home 2001), but now like it up here, not as smoggy & crowded as L.A. area. - But I'd even drive down 1hr. to see/hear you, maybe "Hollywood Bowl" or Ford theatre.- all it would take to get me out of my reclusive place is some "Crystal Blue Persuasion" ๐Ÿ™‚ pls. pls. pls. .... would love to hear you in person .... before I "leave this earth". Hugs + Kisses, Vera
Vera Klein from Palmdale wrote on January 1, 2022
dear Tommy, โค๐Ÿ˜‡ ever since I looked up words for "crystal blue persuasion", & it said somehow inspiration as christian came from term in bible, "Shekinah Glory", (crystal) blue like light glow, which signified the presence of God (to hebrews, in old testament), it makes spiritual sense to me why that song made me (and others) feel sooo good, even if you didn't know the words, because it contains God's Holy Spirit, and I as christian I find myself now often singing the words to myself, when I'm sad, battling depression... "look over yonder, what do you see, the SON is arising, most definitely..." or: "better get ready, to see the light, Love, love is the answer, and that's all-right..." "so don't you give up now.... - Or (hoping tomorrow I feel better)... I sing "Maybe tomorrow, when HE looks down, on every green field, and every town.. All of his children, and every nation, They'll be PEACE AND GOOD, BROTHERHOOD, CRYSTAL BLUE PERSUASION, ain't it beautiful !!! yeah, that's how I interpret that, that it be best to follow Chrystal blue persuasion, be persuaded by God's Shekinah Glory Presence + Love, His True Blue Love.- Don't care if people think I'm weird or eccentric, by age 66 now just care what God's (Holy) Spirit thinks of me, but I've sung your song's words to other's, when somehow prompted or triggered, and they all know & love it too, whether older or younger people...- like, what triggered me to look up words was an older (my age ) grocery clerk at Stater Bros., who's name was Crystal... as I'm a first-name & personal person, ask people's names, and I said "oh, like ... crystal clear..", and she said, "or like 'crystal blue persuasion' ", and I said: "oh, I remember that song, it is beautiful & harmonious, " and sang just the refrain lines I knew "crystal blue persuasion(2)" -went home, googled song, & made sense why song made me feel so good, copied words into my documents, read some history on TJ& Shondells, and so much made sense & fell "in place", and next time I saw Crystal, who's also a christian, & I gave her copy of lyrics, & what I read inspired you to write the song, and she loved it, as she didn't know the lyrics of the whole song.- Next time I had oil change at Huyunday dealer, their (younger 30ish) office person was Crystal, & couldn't help it, told her how I just found lyrics of this older song, & started singing it (as I had to wait there for oil change): "look over yonder, what do you see, the SON is arising, most definitely..." the whole song, and she said she'd heard it before, but really liked all the words.. -Anyway, got triggered to look you up & write, when after midnite, 1-1-22, sitting alone home with my 3 kitty-angels, watch tv & saw ad for "time life music" cd's from mid60's-mid70's (man, that was the most beautiful music-time, made me smile, ... saw in many titles being shown that you & Shondells had many more song's that I loved to hear growing up as teen in Germany... Crimson & Clover, Mony Mony, etc., that excited me so when I heard'm on radio... but mostly just could sing along headline refrains 'cause I knew no english.... Anyway, thought, if Tommy & shondells are still around, wanted to know you "I love you, the group & the songs you did" - that you're appreciated and your and much music at "that time" was much more meaningful, deep, than some of the later music.... definitely more than some of the "rap-crap", which is not really inspired pleasing harmony music but only "noise with nasty words", not to judge, scriptures/Jesus says not to judge, or as you judge others, you yourself will be judged..., but just a realistic observation... so THANK YOU, and the Shondells (what the heck is a shondell? :-), for giving & sharing with us such beautiful words and music !!! DANKESCHOEN, DARLINGS, DANKESCHOEN! Ain't it beautiful, yeah, it sure is, it's a God vibration, inspiration by God's Crystal (Shekinah) Blue Persuasion !!! God bless you all, and your families, and pets if you have any! And God bless US all, in the powerful Name of Jesus !!! - Merry Christmas + Happy New Years ! Love + Respect, Vera (Scubi, Silver &Tippi) ps: one of my writings(i call feelings): You may have a degree, and you may have a big car, but you ain't nothing if you ain't got heart. Get out your tuxedo, go out on the town, just you make sure you headin' Up and not down."
Rodger J Sherman from Centennial wrote on December 28, 2021
I'm 65 and been a fan since Hanky Panky came out. I believe I have all your releases again since I just got the entire Roulette collection. I wasn't able to see you in concert growing up but since the very first KOOL 105 concert 35 years ago Imy wife and I haven't missed a concert here in Denver. My wife is fighting stage 4 cancer and I'm hoping to go to and take her to the one at the Golden Nugget April 1as soon as tickets are released. I was wondering if you could dedicate a song to her in your show she likes your Cinnamon Sunshine alot and I know you don't normally play your newer music at your concerts but I hope you can. Her name is Ginger . Thank you. Rodger Sherman 7266 S QUEBEC CT centennial Colorado 80112
Cindy from Ohio wrote on December 25, 2021
Merry Christmas to you and your family, Tommy! My son and I are listening to your "I Love Christmas" album and it is bringing us a lot of joy this Christmas eve! We love it and will keep listening to it all year round as we want the season of joy to be always
Lance king from Lakewood wrote on December 18, 2021
I just finished reading your book, Me the Mob and the Music. What a great book. Amazing life story.
Kathy Cross from Houston wrote on December 13, 2021
Iโ€™d love to hear your inspiration behind Crystal Blue Persuasion. It is โ€œour songโ€, my Uncle and I, and I almost lost him this weekend. I hope to be able to play it for him soon. Praying for healingโ€ฆ