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Ron McQueen from Indianapolis wrote on January 26, 2023
I was in the Younger Brothers who recorded for Roulette in 1968. I saw you at Clowes Hall in Indianapolis in 1966. I drove to Columbus, IN to see you but it was rained out. I have tickets to see you in Effingham, IL. Please, don't cancel. Your fan forever- Ron McQueen
Terry Marks from Grand River wrote on January 24, 2023
Iike your songs and hope to see you soon.
Barbara Stroming from Downers Grove wrote on January 22, 2023
You sent me an email and it disappeared!!!!!! I am Barbara Stroming and I was going to meet you at your concert in Chicago. I feel terrible that it disappeared!!!!!!
Steven Elief from Edinburgh wrote on January 21, 2023
TJ has been a consistent hit maker for 55 years, and he is not in the Rock&Roll Hall of Fame. Something is wrong, very out of sorts. Steven Elief, Edinburgh, UK
Dale Smith from Lebanon wrote on January 20, 2023
In a poll on the R&R Hall of Fame website, they have an opinion poll of top bands that have so far been ignored for admission into the Hall of Fame. Tommy James and the Shondells currently have over 54% of the vote. The next closest band is foreigner with less than 17%...Pretty cool!
Dawn from BIDEFORD wrote on January 14, 2023
Please, please come and tour in England, soon (obsessed since hearing Crimson and Clover, which made me cry btw)
Stella Bullio from River Grove wrote on January 14, 2023
Hello Tommy James And The Shondells I will be at your show on March 3 and so looking forward to that show because the last time I saw your group on stage was 54 years ago, I think I was 15 years old your gig was at my high school way back then I have a photo of that very poster of your time then , so see my boys soon, Stella
Steve Jewett from Harrisburg PA wrote on January 12, 2023
Hi Tommy, I just wanted to let you know that your songs had a positive impact on me as a child in the 60s. Your band rented a small house for rehearsals in my neighborhood on Charles road in Delbrook Manor in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. It may have been around 1967? I was eight years old and I remember the step van with your name painted on it in psychedelics. I would walk by many times, but knew I had no business going to the door, of course. Anyway, with your hits and others of the time ringing in my head I began playing guitar in 1969 and knew from that moment that all I ever wanted to do was be a musician. I got pretty good quickly and my parents told me I had a gift from God. I've been playing and singing ever since and never once lost interest even after thousands of small gigs, (bars). My favorite song of all time is Crystal Blue Persuasion and today it's just as fresh as the day I first heard it. Thank you for all the great songs and for being the sweet man you are. Steve.
Wyn Weinberg from Bronson wrote on January 11, 2023
Hello my name is wyn in April I am taking my wife Debra to your concert in Shipshewana, Indiana .Tommy was boy hood friends with my wife’s brother Dominic Kiomento and even played at hers parents Anniversary .He was Tommy Jackson then.Would it be possible to get a meet up with him before after during the concert.A responce would be greatly Appreciated.My wife would be beyond excited and happy.If possible you could call me or email.5176174410
Donald Williams from Niles wrote on January 7, 2023
Hi Tommy, My family and I bought the home you used to own on 224 Parkway that was built in 1847. We know it was also once owned by the French Paper Co. Do you know any history about the house, we'd love to hear about it from you. And we're all old fans of you and your songs. Don Williams 562-303-6143