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LA Zalewski from Pittsburgh wrote on June 6, 2023
Tommy James should have been in the first class or two of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. "Crystal Blue Persuasion" is quite possibly the most beautiful song of all-time. Tommy has written so many American standards it's not even funny. He's HOF material in my book. Pittsburgh will always love you!
Janice Vetrano from Malverne wrote on June 5, 2023
Someone reached out to me on Facebook claiming to be you. We have been talking for more than a week. It finally got around to talking about a membership for $2000. He has no way to prove it is you. I thought you should know as I donโ€™t think you want your fans to be scammed
Sharon from Cresskill wrote on May 26, 2023
When you come to Englewood, PLEASE do tighter and tighter exactly the way you did solo, not the way Alive and Kickin did it, Yourโ€™s is so much better (surprise, surprise!)
Susan from Lockport Il wrote on May 16, 2023
Saw you in Joliet and again in DesPlaines. You did not disappoint. I wish I had your energy.. I was fortunate to sit in the first row and had a fantastic view. You were my best mothers day gift ever.
Dorothy Clemmer from Warsaw wrote on May 2, 2023
A friend gave me a free ticket to see your show at the Bluegate Theater in Shipshewana Indiana a few days ago. What a performance! All those songs from back in the day sounding better than ever! Oh and did I mention that yours is the first live rock band that I ever attended. Blew me away! Bought your M, M, and M book for the lady that gave me her ticket. God bless!
William Tunstall from Merced wrote on May 2, 2023
Happy belated birthday, Tommy! I'm a fellow Wolverine (born in Feb of 47 in Battle Creek). God bless you, sir, and thank you for your incredible music and artistry! You're an inspiration. And we're still holding on to that dream ("Crystal Blue Persuasion") after all these years. Thank you, sir!
Alan Bartunek from Londonderry wrote on April 30, 2023
April 30 Tommy, you really kicked ass tonight! Your Playlist was awesome. But when you played San Francisco Girls by Fever Tree I couldn't believe it. What a great song. Brought me right back to another world. That and Crystal Blue Persuasion made my night. Thanks bro!
Rose Ann Vandetty from Collegeville wrote on April 30, 2023
You are a beautiful person and your music is iconic! Pressed wrong button and got disconnected from my message! Lol! Saw you in Pennsylvania in 1969 at Cardinal Oโ€™Hara High School and in Camden NJ theater about 25 yrs ago. Going to see you again this Saturday May 6th. Looking forward to it!!! Thank you again for all the music! Thank you for your loyalty to us, the fans! Wishing you many years of good health and happiness! ๐Ÿ™โค๏ธ๐Ÿ˜˜ Rose Ann
Rose Ann Vandetty from Collegeville wrote on April 30, 2023
Hi, Tommy! Happy 76th Birthday! God bless you for entertaining us for all these years! You are a b
Nancy Parker from Evergreen wrote on April 29, 2023
Sorry! Youโ€™re 76th today. Just happened to play Crystal Blue Persuasion and saw it was your birthday today.