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Tony Leone from Pittsburgh wrote on September 16, 2021
Hi Tommy, this is Junior's son (and Zaida's grandson) Tony, I am bringing my two boys and my mother to your show in Greensburg this Sunday (09/19/2021), we would love to say hi if possible, I sent you an email but not sure if you still use the one I have. Hope you and Lynda are doing well, God bless and keep rocking !
Mitch Taebel from Long Beach, Indiana wrote on September 14, 2021
Tommy, And I can Sing. Sincerely, Mitch Taebel
Mitch Taebel from Long Beach, Indiana wrote on September 14, 2021
Hello Tommy, I am running for President. We are related. You met my mother Marcia Stoltz Taebel. I would like to meet! I have a website Sincerely, Mitch Taebel
Mark Probst from Albany wrote on September 14, 2021
Hi Tommy, Many years ago, Jimmy Jay did an interview with Tony Orlando as part of a tribute show playing his songs chronologically. When they got to "Make Believe" by Wind , Tony said the band consisted of himself, Bryan Hyland, Gene Pitney and you. Any truth to that? PS- I really enjoy your show and loved the book! Mark Probst
Jim Herhusky from Las Vegas wrote on September 11, 2021
TJ&S...I just bought tix to your October Vegas gig at the Golden Nugget...back in 1967 I celebrated my 21st birthday at your concert at the Showboat Ballroom in Lake Benton, was an iconic venue in the middle of SW Minnesota that attracted the likes of Paul Anka, Bobby Vinton, Bobby Vee, The Ronettes, Dale & Grace, Fats Domino, Jerry Lee Lewis, the Trashmen, the Flippers, the Angels, Dickey Lee, the Kingsmen, Jan & Dean, Frankie Avalon, Gene Pitney, and many any event, I am so looking forward to seeing TJ&S in action in Vegas in my 75th year...
Olga from Swansea wrote on September 9, 2021
Sir, I canโ€™t stop listening your songs, it gives me energy to live every new day. As I lived in the Czechoslovakia - (one of the central European socialist countries) I missed your music in the 60., 70. etc. I found you now and love it, love it, love it. Thank you, Olga
Steven F Adams from BBakersfield wrote on September 5, 2021
Love to have you on my radio show sometime and write a review of your amazing music please pm me or contact me at 661 283 5068 pst my website is thank you so very much
Barry Bennett from Nova Scotia, Canada wrote on September 3, 2021
Hi Tommy, Iโ€™d love to speak to you regarding a collaboration, as I pay tribute to you timeless composition. BeaR E. (782) 232 9333
Ed Martin from Middletown wrote on September 3, 2021
Mr. James.. Iโ€™ve written on afew occasions.. I ordered another autograph for my doc who is one of your biggest fans( besides he had tickets for your Cruise but the virus cancel that and he listens to every Sunday.. could you please just write a little note on his autograph and just telling him how much he means to the community heโ€™s about ready to retire it would mean a lot.. thank you so much sir.. and I will quit bothering
Alisha Doutt from Waynesburg wrote on August 27, 2021
Dear Mr Tommy James You're a great singer. My favorite songs are Mony Mony, Hanky Panky and Crimson and Clover. How's your family Can I please have an autographed picture My address is ... Love Alisha Doutt